From the Campaign Chair

Welcome to 2013 Campaign Headquarters

Hello, I’m Mike Taylor, Campaign Chairman of your North Texas Area United Way.

If you give just a few dollars to United Way, our whole community will see the change…


Because United Way takes every dollar you donate and makes it work just as hard as you did to earn it.

We put your dollars to good use in 15 programs committed to building a stronger community.

Through your support of these programs, we target our own community’s specific needs in education, income and health.

With your help, pretty much anything is possible.

Even though you may not see it, thousands of your neighbors enjoy the benefits of our purpose…

They can access quality school readiness programs…

They benefit from income-building and job training opportunities…

And our older residents get hot, nutritious meals so they can live independently and in better health.

We can do a lot if everyone gives a little.

Through United Way, you can do more than give to a cause…

You can cause something to happen…

And everyone will see the change.


Mike Taylor

2013-14 Campaign Chair
North Texas Area United Way